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Evergreen’s Education Tipping Point: Women Are in the Majority!

15 | Nov | '17
Mitch Lee


If you’ve ridden with the Crank Sisters or participates in any of Evergreen’s women-only classes, you notice one thing: women are dominating the sport.

 Well, at least they are when it comes to our adult classes. 
2017 has been a banner year for the Evergreen Education Program with tons of riders and new classes. Dirt Camps happened for the first time at Black Diamond Open Space, ushering in a new era of ridership in south King County. We also offered 2 new classes, Advanced Cornering and Technical Descending, which will be part of next year’s standard offerings. 
But one of the most exciting results is 56% of participants in our classes were women! Showing a steady climb in participants over the last few years, the female demographic has just now taken the lead in education classes. Mountain biking continues to be a more inclusive sport, with riders from all different backgrounds and skill levels—and it is starting to show.
With groups like the Crank Sisters and events like Roam Bike Fest and the Sturdy Dirty, more and more women are finding a home in a sport that continues to push the limits of fun! 
It’s a great way to round out an amazing year at Evergreen Education. Our final results tallied: 
886 participants: 533 in classes, 283 in Dirt Camp
103 classes offered
1651 volunteer instructor hours
That’s a great year, and thank you to all our instructors, coaches, mentors, and participants for making it happen. We’re looking forward to getting more and more people on bikes in the future, and we hope to see you in 2018!
If you are looking to get into mountain biking or want to progress your skills, keep an eye out for the Evergreen class schedule in spring 2018.



Evergreen’s Education Tipping Point: Women Are in the Majority!