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Education Volunteers = heroes

Education Volunteers = heroes

01 | Nov | '21
Patrick Walker

Volunteer instructors are some of the unsung heroes of Evergreen, known to only a few and doing good work for so many. With a passion for giving back, a love of spreading the stoke and helping others, volunteers are the backbone of Evergreen’s education program.

Check out what these education superstars accomplished this year:

  • 100 volunteers lead education programs in six Evergreen’s chapters across the state
  • Volunteers donated 750 hours of their time to teach, train, and plan programs and fellow riders
  • Volunteers led 200 classes and camps
  • Volunteers served 1500 students aged 6 – 65, from beginner to advanced!!

Our volunteer instructors commit to training, running classes and building a community of riders in WA – we are so grateful for them!!

Evergreen has seen impressive growth and development in its education program in response to the 2020 mountain biking boom. We are constantly being asked for classes, camps, clinics and opportunities to learn and build skills for youth and adult riders. In response to the boom and the expanding need of the community, Evergreen chapters and volunteers stepped up to the plate to serve more riders than ever in 2021.

  • The Central chapter more than doubled its class and camp offerings from 2019, including offering 2 classes in Spanish.
  • West Sound and East hosted their first-ever camp programs with demand for more in the future.
  • And statewide, we granted over $7000 in class and camp scholarships from money raised in our 2020 year end-of-year campaign. Woohoo!

The reviews from students are amazing:

“The instructors were super cool, really knowledgeable, and I enjoyed being able to practice the maneuvers and get their feedback while practicing.”

“It was super approachable. I was nervous to attend, but I felt safe and in a nonjudgmental space. Everyone was super supportive and down-to-earth. I not only learned the what but the why. And each person received individual attention on their techniques.”

“The instructors provided terrific descriptions, demonstrations, and specific feedback during practice. They adjusted the class to fit our learning curve. The small group size left room for effective discussions with the instructors as well as getting to know people I hope to ride with in the future.”

“The instructors were amazing and supportive! Thank you!”

Please join us in saying thank you to our awesome education team. Check out our Instagram page over the next couple of weeks to meet some of these great folks!

Interested in applying to be an instructor in 2022? Contact Kristen McCune at kristenmccune@evergreenmtb.org

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