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Donate today. Shape Tomorrow

28 | Nov | '17
Mitch Lee
It’s true—your donation today helps shape the future of mountain biking in Washington.
And right now your donations can be matched on our Facebook page until funds run out, so go donate NOW.

 Donate Now!

You drove another historic year of making Washington the country’s premier mountain biking destination. Your support delivered huge successes in 2017, including:  
  • Opening new Olallie singletrack (that rides like a pump track on a mountain); 
  • Starting  the new Cowlitz-Naches chapter with the goal of expanding mountain biking opportunities in the White Pass area; 
  • Signing a 2018 trail design contract to help bring mountain biking back to Snoqualmie Pass;
  • Completing the Ski Hill project that provides more town-to-trail singletrack in Leavenworth.




It is a simple fact that none of this happens without you. Washington’s trails are world-class because you helped us get to this point. Your support today shapes where we go in the future.

Today, Evergreen kicks off its 2017 State of Trails fundraising campaign. Throughout the campaign, you’ll tour The State of Trails—past, present, and future—and how you are and can continue to be at the center of it all

This year, Evergreen set a fundraising goal of $429,051 for our statewide trail projects. You’ve already helped raise $341,060! That leaves just $87,991 to go.  


Donate Now!

We’ve seen what your support makes possible across Washington. Now you can shape the future of the State of Trails by donating today and helping raise the last $87,991.
Thank you for your continued support of Evergreen.
Donate today. Shape Tomorrow