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Coffee With Yvonne 2021

Coffee With Yvonne 2021

10 | Aug | '21
M. R.

Did you sleep through "Coffee with Yvonne"?

Not to worry! In this post, we're hitting you with a brief recap, and the recorded sessions - so you can get up to speed!

There is so much going on behind the scenes at Evergreen, and it's important! Every day that our trail team is out there digging on the trails our admin staff is working on advocacy, access, and trail planning challenges. Yvonne Kraus, our Executive Director, took some time to fill members in on the hot topics of the summer: eBike Access, Wilderness, and Tribal RelationsOver 150 participants joined us in June, July, and August to learn about and discuss these issues.

During each update, Yvonne delivered a synopsis of Evergreen's work and opened the floor for questions. We want to thank those of you who took the time to join us, and participate in the conversation - we are looking forward to continued collaboration and growth in these areas.

June 29th: eBike Update

On the 29th of June 2021, Yvonne kicked off this summer event series by updating listeners about the work Evergreen has been doing to address the growing demand for Ebike access on Mountain Bike Trails.

 E-bike Presentation Slides


July 20th: Wilderness Update

Yvonne explains the recent work that Evergreen has been doing to protect trails and advocate for continued access in areas recently proposed for Wilderness designation.

Wilderness Presentation Slides


August 10th: Tribal Update

Tribal relations are a delicate and uncertain element to trail building and advocacy in Washington. Increases in recreation use of all kinds have created pressure points that Evergreen is working to address in their projects through acknowledgment, respect, and careful planning.

Tribal Presentation Slides

Coffee With Yvonne 2021