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Crank Sisters Spotlight - Bobbie Howard
Bobbie Howard

Crank Sisters Spotlight - Bobbie Howard

01 | Mar | '23

Meet Bobbie Howard! She is a dedicated Crank Sisters committee member and Ride Leader. She has put countless hours into providing stoke to so many of our riders and followers!

Here are some Q&A to help you get to know her. Make sure you give her a wave as she fly's past you on the trails!

Where are you from?
Kirkland, but originally from Hawaii

What you do for fun besides ride?
Cook, Hike, Jog, Walk
(Crank Sisters Committee members can verify that Bobby can cook!)

When did you started riding, and what was your first bike?

2001; 2002 Specialized Stump Jumper Alloy Hardtail

Current mountain bike model, color, & nickname?
My favorite is my Yeti Arc 2022 Hardtail

Most rewarding bike upgrade?

Carbon Wheels

How many bikes in the garage?
Too Many

Kinds of riding you enjoy?
XC and Enduro and Gravel and Road. My riding preferences: In a group, no music, clips, always smiling

Who you like to ride with?
Husband and Crank Sisters

Hardest ride?
Break Epic 2018 Stage Race Wheeler

Memorable wildlife/experiences on the trail?

Weird thing you've seen in the woods?

Weird Trail Figurines–like trolls; or bikes growing out of trees

Yummy post-ride food stop?

Preferred bike magazines/podcasts/websites/YouTubers/etc:
You Tube BKXC, Single Track Sampler, Jeff Kendall-weed, Sam Pilgrim, Sid and Macky,

Year you joined Crank Sisters, and something you like about our group?

2018; I like all the people willing to ride on group rides!

Advice for new riders?
Learn from the bottom up and never ride a feature you feel strange about.

What’s your dream bike vacation?
Mountain bike some more Colorado trails

What's your happy place?
Mountain biking in Bend Oregon

Crank Sisters Spotlight on Bobbie Howard