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Back Your Builder: Jeremy + Dirt = Connection

Back Your Builder: Jeremy + Dirt = Connection

04 | Dec | '23
Jarrett Ziemer

Deep connection. That's Jeremy's MO. Meet the guy once and see what I mean.

From the music scene, through the dirt jump and BMX racing scene, to the mountain biking and trail building world (we're never giving him back), in the multiple community and creation spaces Jeremy works in, lives in, and lives for, he's building connection. And that's just who Jeremy Bushnell is. The guy is the big brother of Evergreen's trail-building world. And when it comes to trail building and riding bikes, he has been building jumps, pumps, racing bikes, and playing in the dirt for so long he's earned the title. 

 img 4406

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Bushnell 


Like so many mountain bikers, Jeremy joined the 29-inch side of the force after initially riding BMX. Well, not riding in ditches and jumping plywood scraps stacked on two-by-fours like I did (although he did that, too), but actually racing. See, Jeremy started racing BMX when he was practically in diapers. His whole family races or has. His mom volunteered at the track, his two sisters raced bikes, and he and his dad still do. So biking, for Jeremy, has always been a family and friendship affair. And like most old-school BMX riders, he's been building and maintaining the dirt for as long as he's been riding. 


 jeremy 2

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Bushnell  


For Jeremy, then, the relationship between riding and building, the link between friendship, connection, and creation, runs deep. 

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Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Bushnell 


When Jeremy's looking at a trail-- when he squats down, gets low, and envisions a turn with his hands out at tire angles, considers the rider's angles (this isn't waxing poetic; I've worked with the guy, and this is what he does), he's thinking of every user from the first to the last. And that's because he's been every user and is also friends with every user. From riding his bike around the block, racing BMX, and throwing it down in freestyle competitions on some pretty big stages like the 1997 King of Dirt Contest (dude was throwing double bars before you were born), Jeremy likes to remember that he's seen it all and felt the freedom and the highs and lows that come with riding his bike and being a human. Jeremy has felt the peace, the ease of life burdens, and most importantly, he's felt the friendship and the compassion of camaraderie. 


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Nowadays, Jeremy is building that connection he has felt in so many different community spaces as a trail builder for Evergreen. Although he builds everything from single track XC and pump track to downhill, after hearing his background, you wouldn't be wrong to imagine his focus is on the flow. With that flow focus, Jermey has put his stamp on many of our local King County Parks. Among a bunch of other places, if you've had the opportunity to ride a trail at Duthie, in Auburn, at Cheasty Greenspace, at Swan Creek, or at BDOS, where Jeremy's the lead builder, there's a good chance you've ridden a trail he's been a part of. There's also a good chance you've met Jeremy at one of these places and talked the good dirt. And if you haven't had the chance to shoot it, please do. Whether it's a group ride or a work party, Jeremy isn't there for himself; he never has been; he's there for you, hoping you feel a part of something like he has. 


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Photo by Jack Lambert


Jeremy really says it best himself: 

"Life can be rough sometimes and bikes have always been my escape from it all. So if I can help someones world get a little bigger and exciting, I'll do it every day."


And Jeremy Bushnell, you are doing it every day. 


Building sick trails, encouraging your fellow builders to explore what it really means to have the dream job, and allowing every person at every work party, at every event, in every community blessed to have you to feel scene and heard.


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Photo by Jack Lambert


Next time you sign up for a work party with Jeremy, get ready to pack a sweet berm or build a sick line and maybe a side hit that was your idea. And be thankful this expert builder is there to hear you and to help your dreams become a reality, and maybe to rope you in when plans get a little wild (I'm talking to you kids building jumps inside berms at BDOS, I'm talking to you). 


Jeremy, Evergreen's steady veteran, is out there showing us all the importance of connection and community in mountain biking and trail building because he has been there. Everywhere. In connection. In community. Cheers to you, Jeremy!


Jeremy Bushnell + Dirt = Connection and so much More.

Back Your Builder: Jeremy + Dirt = Connection