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Announcing Trail E, New Singletrack Line Coming Soon to Raging River
Raging River

Announcing Trail E, New Singletrack Line Coming Soon to Raging River

03 | May | '24
Liz Lunderman

Just imagine…

You pick up your best buds, shuttle to the Raging River parking lot, pedal up to Upper Poppin Tops but instead… drop into the new Trail E, a new black line that parallels Poppin’ Tops. The smooth, flow sections with pop-y side-hits set you up perfectly for epic tech features. At the end of the first of three sections on Trail E, you can pedal the road back up for more laps or you continue your journey down the mountain for more “flow gnar.” Then, Trail E eventually connects to the Raging River Tennant Connector (coming soon - see FAQ below) that brings you and your crew back into North Bend. You celebrate a ride well shredded by grabbing some grub, drinks and meeting up with your ever-truly-amazing shuttle driver (you buy them a beer as a thanks). It’s a good day to be in Snoqualmie Valley.

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This post-work adventure will only be possible if you donate today to our GiveBIG fundraiser


After work laps are what we look forward to during the week. Trail E will not only provide a fun black option to lap, it also provides another exit option off the mountain after a plethora of stacked loop options around the mountain including CCDH (Canyon Creek Downhill), PCDH (Plum Creek Downhill open June 8 - 9 at Evergreen’s MTB Fest) or No Service lap. 

We went out with Trail Project Manager, Mike Westra to take a closer look at what the Trail E flagline had to offer. Beautiful confider forests nestled onto steep descents open up to a ridgeline ride through huge Douglas Firs. Then, peek-a-boo views of Mt Si that went back into steep rock features filled in with luscious green ferns. 

Trail E will take two years and $160,000 from a combination of community funding and the Department of Natural Resources to complete. We are kickstarting this fundraising effort with Evergreen’s GiveBIG campaign raising $20,000 for the trail. To make this singletrack a must-ride in the corridor, Evergreen’s professional trail builders will be there from start to finish. Trail E is shovel-ready and needs your help to get Evergreen builders out in the woods! The line is currently flagged and digging will begin early summer 2024. 

Along with the Trail E build, Evergreen will also be refreshing Poppin’ Tops and Flow State into a ‘Crank it Up’ style trail. Trails will remain the same difficulty level with refreshed features. 

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Q: Another trail on Raging, heck yeah! How can I help?

A: GiveBIG is here through May 8th, you can help by donating what you can to our trails fund to ensure Trail E is built. Evergreen has done the hard work to get this trail permitted, designed and ready to go! Now we need your help. 

Donate here to build Trail E.

We will be hosting work parties on Trail E starting this fall. Be part of this historic build and an eye out for our work parties to drop on our events calendar!

Send this epic news to your friends, co-workers, partners, family, dogs, your mail delivery human, tell everyone!


Q: How long will the descent be?

A: Riders can anticipate about two miles of descent. Trail E will have three sections broken up by logging roads. This offers different experiences for riding Trail E. Riders can descend the first section, pedal back up the first road crossing to the top of Flow State or Poppin’ Tops for more hot laps. Or, riders can continue the descent to the bottom which will eventually connect to the Raging River Tennant connector trail. 


Q: Folks keep telling me this is a “Flow Gnar” trail. What exactly does this mean…?

A: “Flow Gnar” means a cohesive trail from top to bottom, that has flow sections setting the rider up for smooth entry into challenging technical descents. Think table tops and berms tail ending technical rocks and roots. This is what you can expect on Trail E. Also, lots of optional routes for progression and fun!


Q: What is the Raging River Tennant Connector?

A: The Connector trail will be in the works soon to connect our two favorite local North Bend trail systems, Raging River and Tennant! We need 14 bridges with supplies getting flown in by helicopter - rad! - so this will take some time to build. 

Huge thank you Washington Department of Natural Resources for the opportunity to build Trail E and help fund this exciting project.

Evergreen Statewide and our largest chapter, Cascades to Sound, are truly excited about Trail E. Please donate today to bring this trail dream to reality! If you are an org looking to make a larger donation to back Trail E, please reach out to

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Announcing Trail E, New Singletrack Line Coming Soon to Raging River