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1-2 out of 5
4 out of 5
20 miles total
1450' elevation gain
5% single track
65% fire road
Road Grade, X-Country

Latest Ride Reports

11 | 21 | '20
Had a wonderful excursion ride below the snowline but high enough to get my vertical in. After the rains, I wanted to see the falls and the weather forecast was good. I parked just outside the DNR gate and began the climb and then made an attempt to...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/21/2020
11 | 15 | '20
Rode Tokul West up to the entrance to Golden Spike, GS over to East and down Midtown mostly; about 10 miles with 2000' elevation. It's wet! GS has some major mud, and large puddles that more like small lakes. Some are 20' long and 12" deep, so be for...
Submitted by Bryan on 11/15/2020
With snow covering all our peaks and wet weather hindering our traction, I decided to just go exploring. I found a weather window and I planned a route to cover single track at the Blanchard State Forest, along with single track at Larrabee State Par...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/14/2020
11 | 07 | '20
I observed three people riding Segway electric motocross motorcycles on the Mukilteo Parks side of the trails today. These were not pedal assist E-bikes but motorcycles and have a maximum speed of 47MPH. I notified the Mukilteo Parks department.
Submitted by gallagher2201 on 11/07/2020