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1-2 out of 5
4 out of 5
20 miles total
1450' elevation gain
5% single track
65% fire road
Road Grade, X-Country

Latest Ride Reports

The meadow section

This was my first time on this trail and it won't be the last. Started the ride at 11 AM after a short rain shower. Weather was supposed to improve and it did.  A few cars at the trail head but it turns out they were all going for the Beckler...

Submitted by emanagos on 09/23/2020

Blocked at Bessemer Road

09 | 20 | '20

A massive landslide has taken out the trail where it continues E from Bessemer Road. It is impassible even on foot.

Submitted by mrc01 on 09/20/2020
Here is the before and after shots of the fork upgrade.

Since my last report Aug 25th at Raging River several things have happened. I played with the new flow at East Japanese Gulch and bent my ring finger way back (ring will never come off now!). I also lost my rear shifter that same ride. However, to...

Submitted by tomvale on 09/19/2020
2nd time's a charm

PM Duo Ride with Vet

09 | 11 | '20

We arrived at the Rattlesnake Lake parking late in the day. It was Panther's (2020 SantaCruz Megatower carbon CS) first bite of the trail and my second time to ride here. She was awesome and I felt more capable on this trail vs the last time with...

Submitted by AuiGudf8 on 09/18/2020