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08 | 12 | '23
Overgrown vegetation -- this trail needs a serious trimming. The Alders have grown fiercely for the first 3-4 miles since the trail has opened. They're still small enough to be able to be taken out with gas-powered trimmers but pretty soon they're go...
Submitted by on 9/16/23
08 | 10 | '23
A friend and I were the only ones on the trails this morning at Lord Hill so we just kept going until it was time for him to go back for real work. Most of the trails are dry even though we had some rain but the morning was exhilarating. The River Tr...
Submitted by tomvale on 8/10/23
08 | 07 | '23
Took two runs down Lower Skyline and went back up a third time with my rake to clear the berms of the gravel I wrote about last time. I got down to the traverse and then quit there due to a rake failure. The gravel is mitigated along with adding addi...
Submitted by tomvale on 8/8/23
07 | 26 | '23
Took a couple friends to do Lower Skyline and Pathfinder a couple times after the rain and had a good time. There are plenty of braking bumps and a large amount of gravel in the berms so if you think of it, bring a rake next time and help rid the ber...
Submitted by tomvale on 7/26/23