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08 | 15 | '22
I had the trail to myself today on my first visit. Nice and cool in the shade. Much of the lower trail in need of a major brush out requiring an industrial weed whacker to get the alder that threatens to take over. Not a real problem yet, other than...
Submitted by jimd on 08/15/2022
08 | 12 | '22
Left the house with the gravel bike this morning heading to Snohomish and took the Centennial Trail up to Dubuque Road. I climbed Dubuque to Woods Creek Road and then to the DNR gated road that gets you to the top of Three Lakes Hill. I began the cli...
Submitted by tomvale on 08/12/2022
08 | 06 | '22
Parked in South Darrington this morning after sunrise and rode to the north entrance of forest service road 24 to begin the climb to the tower and weather station. Today was perfect weather and the road was in good condition. I got all the way up to...
Submitted by tomvale on 08/06/2022
08 | 04 | '22
Yes, it's a 2+ hour drive from my house and cost me $55 for a lift ticket, but damn did I get a lot of riding in! It's amazing how much you can ride, when the uphill is a 10 minute lift ride. Weather was chilly, spitting rain and occasional wind so t...
Submitted by Bryan on 08/04/2022