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11 | 14 | '22
The entrance to the trail behind the former Pro Training Center has had a "Trail Closed" sign up for months. I assumed it was because of the new building construction and the cranes that have been at the site. We went to ride the 11/14/2022 and the s...
Submitted by gallagher2201 on 11/18/2022
This morning I went up to Lower Skyline and grabbed the tools and cleared the middle third of the trail I didn't get to on my last Skyline report. After that, I grabbed the bike off the truck and enjoyed a cleared, hero, trail with only a little bit...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/15/2022
11 | 12 | '22
Took advantage of the clear skies and mild winter day to make several runs down the Little Mountain trails. Pitch and Roll has just been blown and raked so it was hero and Huff N Puff was hero also, just not as much challenge. It was a great time. Ha...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/12/2022
images/ride-reports/7263/cold creek tree1 2.jpg
Rode Cold Creek from the middle down, little bit of snow at the top, but absolutely perfect after that!  2 trees down, first one is about halfway down, and the second one is almost at the bottom. 
Submitted by wesblu on 11/08/2022