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Biosolids Notice

The entire area inside 30330 and 30400 Road (Mousetrap, Moonraker, Bon Bon and Upper Outback) is covered in dried black "biosolids" which I'm guessing is literally crap! Rode Lower Outback, Middle, Poopy D (no poop there), Mavericks and Tokyo Drif...

Submitted by Bryan on 07/07/2020

Fun but needs some work

06 | 26 | '20

I attempted to do the lollipop route but was turned back by a big sign after about 2 miles that said "Watershed Boundary - No trespassing" after starting clockwise along the road.    I backtracked and did the singletrack section (counter...

Submitted by slimjones on 07/04/2020

Overall a great ride - one that comes with a sense of accomplishment for both the uphill endurancefest and technical challenges going down the trail.

It's well covered in the description, but I'll second that the climb up is no joke. ...

Submitted by Trekcito on 07/04/2020

Reporter 'Bryan' and I toured Lord Hill this morning to enjoy the park in its early Summer state.  There is a tree over Liquid Bread near the bottom after a blind corner and one also over the River trail still, halfway down to the river. The...

Submitted by tomvale on 07/03/2020