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A real hoof

09 | 18 | '18

Made it to the very end.  About a mile and a half from the turnaround where nf-350 connects I had a close encounter with a large mountain goat who was not super excited about letting me by. Be aware  Curred me of riding this trail solo.<...

Submitted by ericlee on 09/18/2018

"Dropped one car at the bottom of Alder Ridge and shuttled up to the top of road 6210 in hopes of adding an OAB to Klone Peak and concerns about fickle weather so didn't want to spend time and energy capital climbing Minnow Ridge.

Road 621...

Submitted by pawnshopjoshua on 09/17/2018

WOW-SS Heaven

09 | 14 | '18

Fantastic trail. Conditions were pefrect.

Was on my singlespeed running 32x22 and cleared everything.

Needs better signage but Trailforks helped.

Highly recommend if you ae looking for a good XC ride that is not very techni...

Submitted by lawrjobe on 09/14/2018

Better for hiking

08 | 25 | '18

Pushed the bike most of the way. Even on the downhill, the corners are too sharp for a bike to go. Sides of the trail are loose, I fell twice. 

There are better trails near the ski hill, Read more