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Trail is clear and clean

03 | 16 | '19

Did the full Grand Ridge out-and-back starting at Duthie this afternoon. The trail is almost entirely dry (maybe 2-3 spots with enough mud to leave a tire mark). Big thanks to whoever has done trail work there recently: there are new drainage ditc...

Submitted by parejkoj on 03/16/2019

Got a quick ride in this afternoon and was really amazed that the initial climb to the main road was still coated in an inch or two of packed, warm, snow. Had to hike 50 feet but traction where it was well melted was fine. The record snow has flat...

Submitted by tomvale on 03/14/2019

Logging on Pink Ribbon

03 | 13 | '19

Rode up the climbing road past the Jerry Springer trail to Pink Ribbon and Pink Beaver which are now clear cut.  Understand that Small Fries and lower Tokyo Drift also slated to go as well.  Since logging is currently underway advise sta...

Submitted by on 03/14/2019

No Snow on trails

03 | 03 | '19

There is no snow on the trails, however it's there at the trailheads. I decided not to ride too fast because the ground was still pretty hard

Submitted by cyansquash on 03/04/2019