Southwest County Park
Key Info
1 of 5 (technical difficulty)
1 of 5 (physical difficulty)
5 miles total
250' elevation gain
95% single track
5% fire road
47.8361728478357 lat.
-122.33972132206 long.


A nice small trail for teaching beginners shifting, braking and climb/descent techniques. The trails are not very extensive, but they do have some short climbs and a few roots. The riding here is not worth a long drive, but it is probably enjoyable for local people.

Depending on location, this might be a useful and close to home place to get on the dirt and test out bike equipment adjustments before going out and hitting bigger trails.

Hikers, joggers, and dogs may be encountered on the main mapped trails. Please be respectful of their space.

The park is generally not very crowded with users of any type. It can be a bit mucky during the wet months since it is located in the southern border of the Puget Sound convergence zone.

The main trails shown on the map are cleared and maintained by the park system. The informal trails in the NW area of the park are fairly well maintained by ? with some remaining blowdowns as a result of windstorms.

Southwest County Olympic View Park Official County webpage

There are no signs indicating that Mt Biking is not allowed. Motorized off road vehicles are prohibited. The area is not very attractive compared to some others in the region, so mt bike overuse has probably not been an issue.

Informal trails are maintained by locals? and contain some of the better riding at the park. The official trails are well maintained by the parks department.

Food and Drink

  • Corner Coffee Bar and Cafe 18401 76th Ave. W., Edmonds 425 776-3616
  • Perrinville Market
  • Midori Teriyaki & Wok 7533 Olympic View Dr., Edmonds 425-672-3678

Bike Shops

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