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Ride Reports

02 | 12 | '15

We rode East Tiger Summit, Off The Grid, Fully Rigid, Joyride and NW Timber.  The trails were in awesome shape - basically packed hero dirt - everywhere, except for NW Timber which was a little wet in places.  But really just a little we...

Submitted by r1de on 02/12/2015
02 | 11 | '15

Did 4.5 miles in soaring eagle tonight with my son. LOTS of deep mud on the pipeline trail (PLT) near the north parking lot. The elevated sections were perfect.

Between 27 and the PLT there is a small stream running down the trail. Water a...

Submitted by rmsnwbrdr on 02/11/2015

Rode the White River Trail up and down. Wet and slick but no mud and no standing water. One big tree down near Rd 72/410 trailhead. A couple of smaller trees on the upper part (near Corral Pass Rd).

Submitted by jackd49 on 02/09/2015
02 | 08 | '15

I took NWT-Joyride-Silent Swamp-Crossover Road up and it's the wettest and muddiest I've ridden so far this winter.  Not surprising given all the rain recently.  The lower down trails have some increasingly large mud pits, even Silent Sw...

Submitted by hardtail on 02/08/2015
02 | 08 | '15

Did the full Preston to PBR, Fully Rigidto Joy Ride and out NWT today. Driest and best running trail on the mountain right now is PBR. JoyRide is also running sweet as well. You'll get wet on Preston, but no where near as bad as it used to be And...

Submitted by rock gnome on 02/08/2015
02 | 07 | '15

Took the car and bike on this forest service road to explore Gold Mountain above Darington. The main FS road has a couple places where tree clearing needed to be completed. The rains made for a wet, and foggy day so the viewpoints weren't availabl...

Submitted by tomvale on 02/08/2015
02 | 02 | '15

Took the last of the blow downs out on Monday. Escorlator is clear with one small reroute about midway up to get around a stump divot.

Submitted by uncledeanxc on 02/04/2015
01 | 31 | '15

Trails too muddy to ride.

Submitted by dustinwiersma on 01/31/2015
01 | 31 | '15

Taylor mountain is located in the perfect spot for people either north or south of highway 18, the terrain has all kinds of potential for epic riding, but the trails are in no condition for winter riding. 70% of lower trails are covered in multipl...

Submitted by beardUnion on 01/31/2015
01 | 31 | '15

Just finished a two hour tour of Banner on the singlespeed. Great place. Felt like a very dense Paradise Valley. Trails were in great shape. Signs of recent blowdown clearing and shrubing on some trails. Took the map from the visitkitsap site. Map...

Submitted by uncledeanxc on 01/31/2015
01 | 25 | '15

Went up the Bessemer Road too until I ran out of time. I reached 2800 feet and still no snow except on the ridges. Streams and washouts were big so you'll get your feet wet a couple times.  The t...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/27/2015
01 | 26 | '15

After the carnage from last Sunday, and the dismal ride Monday evening, I was astounded to see how amazing the trails looked today!  I rode Elevator, Funner, Escorlator, YGD, Sick & Twisted, No Road, and Black Label. Everything was great,...

Submitted by r1de on 01/26/2015

Trails were in great shape, not our typical winter riding.

Alders and ClearCut had some standing puddles so avoid those if you can.

Submitted by skmuma on 01/26/2015
One of the countless creek crossings

Creeks are high, weather was balmy, lots of recent flood damage from 1/4/15.  Nothing that will slow your ride (except the creeks).  You won't keep your feet dry. Water is high right now, but there is not much snow feeding it meaning it...

Submitted by jackd49 on 01/26/2015
01 | 24 | '15

NW Timber-> Joyride-> Silent Swamp -> Crossover road -> OTG and down most of the same.

Lower trails have increasing mud, slick roots and rocks.  OTG uphill ride was awesome, that trail has very little mud and I couldnt believe...

Submitted by hardtail on 01/24/2015
01 | 24 | '15

Main Tiger road -> summit -> E Tiger -> Preston -> Bail Out -> E side road -> NW Timber

Lots of puddles, a bit of mud but less than I expected. Surprisingly good conditions given the recent rain.

Met 4 guys from t...

Submitted by mrc01 on 01/24/2015
01 | 19 | '15

The wind storm of 1/17 - 1/18 did some heavy damage out here.  The good news is that I didn't see any damaged features, and the trail bed is in good shape (actually, the muddiest/worst I've seen since I started riding out here last fall, but...

Submitted by r1de on 01/19/2015
01 | 13 | '15

I got out late afternoon today to do NWT-Joyride-SS then climbed up the road and did Fully Rigid down to Joyride-NWT.  All pretty rideable, but a bit more challenging w wet roots and rocks and an ocassional mud patch.  I was running out...

Submitted by hardtail on 01/13/2015

Skookum Flats - White River is 100% rideable right now.  There is a little snow here and there but all compressed enough that riding it is easy.  You will have to step over a few downed logs.

Few things:  White River Trail is a LOT more su...

Submitted by jackd49 on 01/13/2015
01 | 12 | '15

Trails in great shape!  No mud sections of significance, but a few soft spots and bruises here and there.  No blowdown.

Submitted by r1de on 01/12/2015
01 | 10 | '15

I am a lower level intermediate rider. Surprisingly good conditions for January (had not rained heavily in 4+ days) with only a handful on standing water areas. Kudos to the trailer workers.

I hit Mainline, Lloyd's, Cedar Run, Ephemeral, S...

Submitted by Nick on 01/11/2015
Mid-morning in the Saratoga Woods

For all of the recent rains, the trails are not too muddy. There are a few mud puddles (and two or three HUGE puddles) but generally everything is in good shape. However, after the big windstorm in December, there are lots of trees down across the...

Submitted by briandunnington on 01/08/2015
Google Earth Map
01 | 03 | '15

Was a nice ride but the roots and climbs were pretty slick.

A catalog of my GPS tracks are at  http://myplace.frontier.com/~valenti.seattle/GPS%20Files/

Submitted by tomvale on 01/07/2015
01 | 02 | '15

Went for a late night spin NYE and found great conditions everywhere, in part due to the cool (below freezing) temps.  Even when it warms up though, there is very little mud to thaw out in any place.  The Happy Ending of HLC is currently...

Submitted by r1de on 01/02/2015
01 | 01 | '15

We had a 25 person group ride starting at 10:00 am. The temperature was at 32 degrees. The trails were frozen, dry and smooth. All had a great time and had positive comments on the trail conditions.

Submitted by dnadeau20 on 01/01/2015