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Ride Reports

Fresh rains bring fungi!
08 | 20 | '19

For those of you in the know, Gold Creek in the Olympics is an awesome trail!  But, unfortunately, it had fallen into disrepair recently due to lack of love and maintenance with downed trees and brush taking over the trail.  NOT ANY MORE...

Submitted by ScMort on 08/21/2019
08 | 17 | '19

This is one of my favorite backcountry rides; I love rocky rides. It was cooler on this day than other times I rode it, and that helps a lot in this part of WA. The initial rocky grunt gets done fast (watch for hikers) then it's much easier. Creek...

Submitted by dirtluv on 08/18/2019
Bluff Trail View

2nd time out here to ride and ended up with about 6 miles. Parked at the "Main Line" trailhead just off the highway and did it as a "see where I end up kinda day." Got incredibly lost & turned around due to my lack of planning and/or memory. TAKE...

Submitted by timphil on 08/12/2019

The ground was bone dry. Only saw 3 hikers. There must have been a very busy trail gnome at work because all the vegetation was cut back resulting in some fast singletrack. My usual spot (when I ride with my wife) is Grand Ridge in Issaquah. I wou...

Submitted by jamesc on 08/08/2019
08 | 01 | '19

The overview is a little misleading. None of the trails start from the campground. You have to exit the campground and follow the paved road west to the end and go around the yellow gate. The river run trail is a little hard to find but starts rig...

Submitted by davpar on 08/04/2019
07 | 31 | '19

We tried to ride it, but the access road 6066 was closed for re-construction for 2 weeks. Explored local FS roads instead.

Submitted by liscoy on 07/31/2019
The northern view from the top of the lookout.

Parked up at the base of the downhill and the two of us began the climb to the top. About halfway up, a full Landcruiser offered to tow us up the rest of the way, and we said YES! Thanks Devin. With straps pivoting around the stem and gripped at t...

Submitted by tomvale on 07/22/2019
07 | 20 | '19

Drove in from out of town with our kids to check out Tokul and were very disappointed that trails were almost impassable and unmaintained.  Maybe we rode the wrong ones, but felt like a pretty standard blue trail lap.  Road 30340 had mul...

Submitted by karyou on 07/22/2019
07 | 14 | '19

Extensively logged, and am told still more logging to come.  Still some singletrack along the North and East perimiters - about an hour to ride it all.  Middle and South trails all gone.  There are a few trails that head into the cl...

Submitted by Spartan1 on 07/19/2019
Taken halfway up the ski hill climbing trail.
07 | 13 | '19

I spent Saturday and Sunday in Leavenworth to do this ridge and trail system for the first time. On Day 1, I rode the Ranger Road up and continued up further to the Punk Rock Lookout site for the views. I'd love to launch from up there! After my s...

Submitted by tomvale on 07/15/2019
After descending from the campground here is Uno Peak

I came from the South Navarre Campgound side since I was visiting my dad down in Manson. I was hoping to at least take the Summit Trail north to the Uno Peak loop junctions and even the Staircase intersections exploring possibilities for going to...

Submitted by tomvale on 07/15/2019
One of the views when descending Little Bald Mountain
07 | 13 | '19


This ride is physically and technically demanding—but so worth it. On technical trails I’m an intermediate rider but this trail pushed my limits at times. And while I’m in good riding shape overall, I end...

Submitted by rickvans on 07/14/2019
07 | 06 | '19

Trail is running great, top to bottom. Wildflowers galore in the meadows. The trees mentioned in the previous report have been cleared, so you can pin it all the way from the meadows to the bottom. Hero dirt in the singletrack. Signs posted in the...

Submitted by sproqitman on 07/07/2019
06 | 30 | '19

Rode up Upward Mobility and Raging Ridge, then down Raging Ridge and Poppin' Tops. Perfect trail conditions: trails have just enough moisture to reduce dust & help traction, not enough to be slippery. Water and mud in only a handful of places, and...

Submitted by mrc01 on 07/01/2019
Eagle in a tree near a Bluff viewpoint.

Wonderful XC trail system. I did 15 miles of rooty and twisty stuff and probably could have planned routes a little better to reduce my climbing but every trail seemed to have its ups and downs. The weather was comfortable and just a little haze o...

Submitted by tomvale on 06/29/2019
06 | 21 | '19

Friday was a nice cool day to get back in shape, as the limiting factor was my legs and lungs and not overheating. Two interesting cranky old man things happened on the trail: one was a trio of E-bikers who each said a minimum of 5 words or more t...

Submitted by badbie on 06/23/2019
Beginning of the meadow traverse
06 | 23 | '19

It was a damp morning and the light rain gear was the better option. We left the Jennifer Dunn Trailhead and began the climb. There are two trees needing the big saws. One, is a half mile up the double track climb, and the other, is half way up th...

Submitted by tomvale on 06/23/2019
06 | 23 | '19

People frequently bring their remote control cars out to this trail system and it's becoming a problem: Two grown men were playing around on the black diamond jump lines this afternoon and and damn near caused my husband and I to crash more than o...

Submitted by aachrisman1 on 06/23/2019

Rode the White River/Skookum Flats loop yesterday, 6/22/19. Trails are in great condition overall, but there are 2 downed trees across the trail on the White River just at the top of the hill & another shortly after that on the descent to HWY 410....

Submitted by msteingrebe on 06/23/2019
06 | 15 | '19

At about 8:30 on Saturday June 15, 2019 I rode alone to Stan's Lookout and met two riders there.  They set off down Poppin' Tops; after waiting about 5 seconds, I followed them.  Not long thereafter, I saw a cougar, running down the...

Submitted by Oldnslow on 06/21/2019
06 | 13 | '19

Rode this a week ago.  Parked under the Power Lines and rrode clockwise.  All clear to the top of the road climb and the shortdescent  before the last saddle.  Had a bit of a sketchy traverse over a remaining snow field at the...

Submitted by scotjone on 06/20/2019
06 | 17 | '19

Rode Tapeworm today, planning on bailing before the last bridge with the yellow jacket infestation but found the gnomes have built a detour bypassing the bridge and wasp nest.

Thanks gnomes!

Submitted by jonrav on 06/17/2019
View from the old lookout site.
06 | 15 | '19

After my last two rides here in the clouds and showers, today's ride was totally different. I parked again at the base of 7125 so the car waits at the lowest point of today's loop. I took off south on hwy 410 to FS road 70, then 7010 all the way u...

Submitted by tomvale on 06/15/2019
06 | 13 | '19

Buddies and I where riding Tapeworm Trail.

Warning really big nest on last lower wooden bridge banking left. It’s the last one before the last climb. It has been there for a couple of weeks now. But people have taken the warning sign off....

Submitted by seadal on 06/13/2019
05 | 11 | '19

Rode up the single track and all the way down and around to the parking lot. All the trails were in great condition. A few puddles but not muddy, not too dry or dusty. Perfect conditions!

Submitted by mrc01 on 06/08/2019