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Ride Reports

03 | 16 | '19

Did the full Grand Ridge out-and-back starting at Duthie this afternoon. The trail is almost entirely dry (maybe 2-3 spots with enough mud to leave a tire mark). Big thanks to whoever has done trail work there recently: there are new drainage ditc...

Submitted by parejkoj on 03/16/2019
03 | 14 | '19

Got a quick ride in this afternoon and was really amazed that the initial climb to the main road was still coated in an inch or two of packed, warm, snow. Had to hike 50 feet but traction where it was well melted was fine. The record snow has flat...

Submitted by tomvale on 03/14/2019
03 | 13 | '19

Rode up the climbing road past the Jerry Springer trail to Pink Ribbon and Pink Beaver which are now clear cut.  Understand that Small Fries and lower Tokyo Drift also slated to go as well.  Since logging is currently underway advise sta...

Submitted by on 03/14/2019
03 | 03 | '19

There is no snow on the trails, however it's there at the trailheads. I decided not to ride too fast because the ground was still pretty hard

Submitted by cyansquash on 03/04/2019
Welcomed by mom and Bambi to the Valley
02 | 23 | '19

Tried to see if I could see the falls with all the snow melt going on but could only make it a little farther than the trail/road intersection elbow about 2/3 of a mile short. Snow has weighted down a lot of saplings over the trail making many obs...

Submitted by tomvale on 02/23/2019
02 | 21 | '19

Went out for a late night single loop on the East side of the tracks. Cleared a couple trees dropped on the track access road by the heavy snow and then came down the Boeing side of the Gulch and back to the car. I lost the front brake before the...

Submitted by tomvale on 02/23/2019
02 | 20 | '19

Entire park is still covered with a few inches of snow. Riding any trails as of today is near impossible unless a day or plus bike is used with low enough tire pressure. 

Parking lots are closed as of today, unless you are within walk...

Submitted by Nigween on 02/20/2019
01 | 30 | '19

As previously noted, the trails are great and the Falls are beautiful. Did the Falls first and then Escorlator, Elevator, Little Ridge, and then Funner and Cyclops under lights. It was a great evening and the only thing this area is needing is a w...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/31/2019
01 | 29 | '19

Bob has been giving these trails some much needed love and it really shows. Overall improvements in drainage and surface work are awesome. These trails are in the best shape we've ever seen. Clean, glorious, hero dirt right now. The access roads a...

Submitted by BeckyBr on 01/30/2019
01 | 26 | '19

Had a great time summiting and coming down and going up to do EBAD for the first time. Excellent trail for challenges when wet and soupy due to the roots and the steep grade in spots. Doing Cherry Valley tomorrow PM if interested. Pvt msg me tonig...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/29/2019
01 | 24 | '19

Had a good ride today to upper pop n top and down. Trails are in great shape overall, and are fast and flowy. If you like to know trail surface condition on your ride, a few usual sections have rock peeking through, or heavy braking bumps. Upper p...

Submitted by curchr on 01/24/2019
01 | 19 | '19

Still the typical awesome PNW cross country trails up there.  Big clear cut where The Burn was.  New trail rising from the ashes, Phoenix, which is long and fun like The Burn used to be. Almost no blow down after volunteers cleared the t...

Submitted by VR46 on 01/21/2019
01 | 19 | '19

Did three runs down the east side of the RR tracks early this morning, first one under lights. The trails had a little greasy mud in spots but were in good shape. There was only one wind damaged spot on a less traveled trail halfway up the east si...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/19/2019
01 | 13 | '19

Rode Ollalie for the first time on Sunday. Incredible weather for January. Blue skies in the mid 50's and no rain for the previous few days meant perfect trail conditions. A couple small patches of snow but the trail is clear all the way up. ...

Submitted by jcurto85 on 01/14/2019
View from Inside Passage
01 | 12 | '19

Started early again on the Connector, then Masterlink, Quick Link and the top of East Summit. Then came down the Summit road to Predator for a nice ride down all the way back to the parking lot. Looked down at my handlebars and the iphone was gone...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/13/2019
Windy but warm at the summit today
01 | 05 | '19

Got to the upper lot at 7am and took the Connector and Masterlink with lights blazing, started down East Tiger from the summit, and then OTG and NOTG. Then Fully Rigid, Joy Ride, NW Timber, Legend and Easy Tiger and back to the car. There is no sn...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/05/2019
01 | 01 | '19

Great way to start off 2019. The only snow/ice was on the last bit of fire road off of Master Link. Trail was in good condition with just a few puddles.

Submitted by gkubis on 01/01/2019
Recently completed work on No Name
12 | 18 | '18

Relative to other Evergreen-supported trails, not many people ride Moss Lake. But it’s a great area with a small, dedicated group of unsanctioned folks who work hard to quietly maintain the trails (most notably is the infamous trail gnome, Bev). I...

Submitted by Unaccomplished Angler on 12/18/2018
12 | 17 | '18

I ride this trail frequently. The snow starts at the makeshift campground clearing and was about a 1/4 inch. The lower half is clear and is main reason why most people ride it. 

Cheers! and Merry Christmas!!! 

Submitted by trek4fun on 12/18/2018
12 | 16 | '18

Multiple trees down across trails in Big Finn Hill Park after the windstorm on Friday. Trees and branches are blocking trails east and west of Juanita Drive. Smaller branches were moveable with 1-2 people. Larger branches and trees will need a cha...

Submitted by dorainer on 12/16/2018
12 | 08 | '18

Took a friend to the skills park today and had a good time showing him the area. We toured the trails and then out to the Whitehorse and back. Trails had about an inch of frost but the traction otherwise was solid. I took my buddy up to the summit...

Submitted by tomvale on 12/08/2018
12 | 02 | '18

Rode upward mobility to Poppin Tops (Upper) last weekend. Trail quality was excellent for the time of year. A few muddy spots on the way up but easy to ride through or around. No snow.

Upward Mobility is a very well made climbing trail...1...

Submitted by jcurto85 on 12/05/2018
11 | 20 | '18

Saw a cougar 0.4 miles from the parking lot  on Iron Horse Trail. This was on the way back from Olallie trail head around 3:30p. Cougar saw me as I was riding towards him/her and it started to run away from me, then took a right turn into the...

Submitted by mattlevi on 11/20/2018
11 | 18 | '18

Rode from Duthie parking to grand ridge to water tower loop.  Completed the loop then back to duthie and rode moving on and step it up.  about 14 miles and 1.6K elevation gain. 4 riders total. Really nice weather and great trail conditio...

Submitted by jessij on 11/18/2018
Google Earth view from the Northeast
11 | 17 | '18

Started at the Cedar Falls trailhead and took a side trail to get to the iron horse for the 2 mile intro. I did Olallie about a year ago and my command post failed so I could not get all the way to the top comfortably. This time was different. I s...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/18/2018