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ranger creek shelter before and after.JPG

Good News

All the 410 trails are now open. FS says use at your own risk.
Ranger is good for first 3.5 miles.
Palisades is in great shape from Little Ranger Peak to the bottom.
The shelter is totally gone.  Burned down...

Submitted by jackd49 on 06/03/2018

Not strictly a ride report, as I haven't been out on site in person, but since I've lost my edit privileges to this site I can only post alerts in this fashion.  According to the WTA website and hike reports, a major landslide has closed MF S...

Submitted by r1de on 06/01/2018

Husband and relatives riding on Mission Creek Road on their way to Devil's Gulch TH spotted a cougar sitting in the grass along the side of the road less than a quarter mile from the TH.  Not agressive but would not move out of the area for 1...

Submitted by debbstew on 05/30/2018
05 | 30 | '18

My first bigger ride back at Tolt since the Big Clearcut: it's true that much of the trails (along with the forest) in the center are gone.  However, some sylvan singltrack remains around the perimeter (especially on the north end), and a com...

Submitted by r1de on 05/30/2018
Only two trips to Galby so far.
05 | 26 | '18

Had a great time starting from the North side at the park's parking lot. Headed up to the top of SST via a couple roads, Cougar and Cabin. The dry May was evident on the trails and the clearings were worn. The trails are wonderful and still plenty...

Submitted by tomvale on 05/28/2018
05 | 23 | '18

Did the full 🍭 including upper No Service and Invictus, retuning on Return Policy, then out on Poppin‘ Tops and Flow State.  No Service and Invictus were slick and challenging, Invictus in particular being really tough.  Everything else...

Submitted by r1de on 05/23/2018
05 | 20 | '18

After missing the opening party on Saturday I figured I'd check the trail out on Sunday 5/20, it was a lot wetter than expected stayed dry in Seattle but the rain in the foothills did a number on the trail, with all the traffic and rain the trails...

Submitted by Jata on 05/21/2018
Zoomed in because it keeps on saying size exceeded
05 | 19 | '18

It rained the whole way up. I rode 3/4 of the way to Mt. Washington crossing. The trail was very wet and had small puddles, which caused me to fall going uphill (In a small downhill section). Once you complete the switchbacks in the forest area, t...

Submitted by cyansquash on 05/20/2018
Who dug out the nurse stump that started this?

Spent the morning exploring the trails I haven't done before at Black Diamond. I've been away for 2 1/2 years so a lot is new to me here. It was a great time. I started on the west side of hwy 169 then came across and went East then North for a ni...

Submitted by tomvale on 05/19/2018
05 | 11 | '18

It was all good, and in great condition - but watch out for ticks!  My riding partner picked up a couple of them on this trail.  Some repellent might be a good idea.

Submitted by mdfrancisco on 05/18/2018
Heading up
05 | 07 | '18

Fun twisties working our way up and around. Great day. Trail is in great shape, just a few wet spots from some rain the night before.

Submitted by Chuckski on 05/09/2018
05 | 08 | '18

Attempted to take my 11 year old up for the first time on the loop out of the parking lot (logging road to trail at watershed). Got about 3/4 up FS 5510 and reached impassible (12"+) snow on the road. We got through a few patches but they got long...

Submitted by DKeithly820 on 05/08/2018
05 | 08 | '18

Hadn’t been to Duthie since some of the last cleanups were made on HLC. VooDoo, HLC, and Gravy Train are in perfect condition - clean and smooth as velvet. 🏄🏿‍♂️ Nothing like a Tuesday morning for crowds, either. 👍🏼

Submitted by r1de on 05/08/2018

Skookum/White River Loop is all rideable.  1 or 2 easy trees down on the Skookum side.  WR totally clear.

Submitted by jackd49 on 05/07/2018
The bike stops here

Trail is open and clear up to mile 3.5(4 miles from Buck Creek Parking Lot).  Then I hit the burn zone and trail obstacles abound.  Trees down, undercut trail, debris etc. Left the bike there and hiked a ways - snow still on the trail hi...

Submitted by jackd49 on 05/07/2018
View from the west ridge south to the convergence.
05 | 06 | '18

Went up from the west access and got up to the top of the Ridge's west side, 2900', but at the base of the hill to the tower, the road was still shaded and full of snow. I turned around at the snow and returned along the reservoir infrastructure a...

Submitted by tomvale on 05/06/2018
05 | 05 | '18

Did a couple rounds on the east side and then drove away. The trails are in good shape and only a couple mud troughs. Report on the west side said there were a couple small washouts but don't know exactly where to tell you. Probably the usual drop...

Submitted by tomvale on 05/05/2018
05 | 05 | '18

Snow at 3200' just after the campground.  It's partially rideable, but would be an unpleasant uphill slog, so that's where I stopped and turned around.  Otherwise, trail is in impeccable condition.  Go for it!

Submitted by r1de on 05/05/2018
05 | 03 | '18

Stopped by snow just past the campsite (7.3 miles from the parking lot, 3250' elevation). 

Submitted by jt on 05/03/2018
05 | 23 | '18

Trails are riding great and the Balsalm roots are still going strong.  Everything on the north side is riding better than ever thanks to the work of the Kittitas Chapter.  Nice work Kittitas Chapter!  The backside trails are also ri...

Submitted by mikepeas on 05/03/2018
05 | 02 | '18

Everything closed until May 19th.  Nothing posted on Evergreen, Trail Forks or DNR etc about closure.  I drove almost 2 hrs to ride the road up and DOWN!!  Typical DNR unprofessionalism. DNR and their cronies have zero regard. ...

Submitted by rsmallfoot on 05/02/2018
back door 2.JPG
04 | 26 | '18

Thanks to April snows, we have a little more time to wait before we can enjoy the Raging River loop unimpeded. I started from SR-18 on the Rattlesnake Rd to use the road instead of the shaded snowy  upper trails. The road and its climb are a...

Submitted by tomvale on 04/28/2018
04 | 25 | '18

Spent an evening riding to the towers, and then doing the Springboards, Meetcutter, Goldeneye, Wishbone, Redline, the summit, and then returned along the pond trails. The new trail contours on Goldeneye and a repair of its long, sweeping, left tur...

Submitted by tomvale on 04/28/2018
04 | 25 | '18

The scenery was simply amazing and the weather a little on the warm side since this was my 2nd MTB ride after surviving another Seattle Winter.  Techy double track is a very apt description.  Loose rocks over hard pack makes for challeng...

Submitted by paulsinbc on 04/26/2018
04 | 24 | '18

Did a West to East circumnavigation yesterday. Found the west end trails in perfect condition. Golden Spike still has some elephant traps, more so on the west end.  East is in decent shape, but definitely more face whippers (FT3K) and atomize...

Submitted by r1de on 04/25/2018