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05 | 23 | '18

Trails are riding great and the Balsalm roots are still going strong.  Everything on the north side is riding better than ever thanks to the work of the Kittitas Chapter.  Nice work Kittitas Chapter!  The backside trails are also ri...

Submitted by mikepeas on 05/03/2018
05 | 02 | '18

Everything closed until May 19th.  Nothing posted on Evergreen, Trail Forks or DNR etc about closure.  I drove almost 2 hrs to ride the road up and DOWN!!  Typical DNR unprofessionalism. DNR and their cronies have zero regard. ...

Submitted by rsmallfoot on 05/02/2018
back door 2.JPG
04 | 26 | '18

Thanks to April snows, we have a little more time to wait before we can enjoy the Raging River loop unimpeded. I started from SR-18 on the Rattlesnake Rd to use the road instead of the shaded snowy  upper trails. The road and its climb are a...

Submitted by tomvale on 04/28/2018
04 | 25 | '18

Spent an evening riding to the towers, and then doing the Springboards, Meetcutter, Goldeneye, Wishbone, Redline, the summit, and then returned along the pond trails. The new trail contours on Goldeneye and a repair of its long, sweeping, left tur...

Submitted by tomvale on 04/28/2018
04 | 25 | '18

The scenery was simply amazing and the weather a little on the warm side since this was my 2nd MTB ride after surviving another Seattle Winter.  Techy double track is a very apt description.  Loose rocks over hard pack makes for challeng...

Submitted by paulsinbc on 04/26/2018
04 | 24 | '18

Did a West to East circumnavigation yesterday. Found the west end trails in perfect condition. Golden Spike still has some elephant traps, more so on the west end.  East is in decent shape, but definitely more face whippers (FT3K) and atomize...

Submitted by r1de on 04/25/2018
04 | 24 | '18

Ran into unridable (soft and melting though) snow at 6.9 miles in (as measured from the parking lot); at a altitude of 3170 feet.  A couple of trees across the trail.  My guess is that it'll be snow free in perhaps a couple of weeks (ear...

Submitted by jt on 04/24/2018
04 | 17 | '18

Rideable to the top; some remaining snow on the last bit of fire road to the summit, but that's probably gone by now.  Off the Grid is in great condition.  Preston has one major tree fall blocking the trail, and is super super wet. ...

Submitted by jt on 04/22/2018
04 | 21 | '18

Trail conditions were great and weather was good.   BUT, be aware a WA Dept of Fish and Wildlife officer (contracted by CambellGlobal) was checking for permits.  I had mine, but apparently 90% don't.  First offense is a warning and...

Submitted by DirtFish on 04/21/2018
04 | 15 | '18

Snow at top of the canyon route but lower section where ski hill connector trail meets rosy was fun as hell this weekend. Met a trail crew today, thanks you two for the good work. 

Submitted by dirkmulh on 04/15/2018
anacortes 2018-04-14

I was following the weather pattern the last half of the week looking for a dry place to enjoy a ride. The rain shadow developed over Anacortes overnight and I started off of the 23rd trailhead around 8am. The trails were solid with only a couple...

Submitted by tomvale on 04/15/2018
04 | 03 | '18

I am relatively new to mountain biking and this is my home course.  It is fantastic.  Lots of variety with some easier trails (Mainline), some moderate trails (Cascara, Southern Traverse), and some harder trails (Red Alder, Cedar). ...

Submitted by rcd on 04/04/2018
03 | 31 | '18

New trail is open, great add on. Only bummer is that horses have made it pretty rough as the dirt is still soft. Everywhere else is consistent and great. Still a small mud pit on the east side of the area.

Submitted by vhiggins on 03/31/2018
Trail Crew out on 3/29
03 | 31 | '18

Manastash Trails are riding.  Avoid times of FREEZE THAW and after rain for a few days, but otherwise, come ride!  Check the forecast for temps and ride in the afternoons on days it's freezing unless you are on dawn patrol and beat the t...

Submitted by salspa on 03/31/2018
03 | 28 | '18

Trail was nice, a little soft in areas with one mud pit due to snow melt and run off. Other then that, trail was great. Due to it being a hiking trail as well, it was fairly busy since it was a nice evening.

Submitted by vhiggins on 03/30/2018
03 | 29 | '18

Found a series of heavy tracked vehicle (excavator?) carnage running through some of the trail areas. No major damage to the trails, but some close calls and some clearing. Not sure if this is a precursor to logging or development. On the other ha...

Submitted by r1de on 03/30/2018
img_20180318_113404740_hdr 1.jpg

This is a blast! Was a little too warm and soft snow takes more effort to ride. Best if its colder than 35 degrees. Rode 19 miles from Crystal Springs. Requires a daily snow park pass of $20.

Weekend of 3/24 is supposed to be snowing and I...

Submitted by trek4fun on 03/20/2018
03 | 19 | '18

Japanese Gulch is in good shape, with the exception of some muddy and wet trails at Lower elevations and close to the railroad track. Fast flowy single track with short steep climbs make it more challenging than you think. Be prepared to quickly s...

Submitted by Steve Taylor on 03/20/2018
03 | 11 | '18

Rode Masterlink up with the intention of riding to the top. Only got to the first stream crossing before we met riders coming down who said there was a foot of snow on the road and quicklink did not look ridable. We went and did the inside passage...

Submitted by jonhaa on 03/11/2018
03 | 10 | '18

Rode up the singletrack about 2 miles but was stopped by lots of snow on the trail. Went back down to the fire road and rode that up to the 3 mile mark but unfortunately ran into even more snow. Ended the ride and returned to the parking lot. On a...

Submitted by Steve Taylor on 03/10/2018
03 | 08 | '18

Olallie is riding well. A littlel loose in places with some blow down scattered around.  Such a great climb!!! Snow starts at about 1400' but after this weekend it should be gone. 
Try to keep foot OFF the gas on the last segment/se...

Submitted by coachguthrie on 03/09/2018
alternative way to the loop
03 | 03 | '18

I knew the ridgeline was full of snow so getting up the lollipop stick to the loop would've been futile. I wanted to try getting to the bottom of the loop by going up the rattlesnake road past the substation and then as far as the conditions would...

Submitted by tomvale on 03/03/2018
This is looking west up the north road.
02 | 23 | '18

There has been significant logging and clearing at Tolt. Vast areas of trees and trails are gone. The middle section south of the South Road is cleared. Everything along the north and west roads is cleared. It really hurt today to see what's been...

Submitted by BeckyBr on 02/23/2018
02 | 16 | '18


Please be advised these trails are closed while wet! Please find alternative locations to ride during the muddy season. 

Thank you for leaving happy...

Submitted by taramoser on 02/16/2018
Otter Falls

Bright sunny Saturday in Feb.  This was a good choice to avoid crowds on other trails.  I went in to this thinking I'd be carrying my bike over trees more than anything else, but it was actually fairly clear - maybe only a dozen or so do...

Submitted by AN on 02/10/2018