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ETS to ET - Great Dirt!

06 | Jun | '21

Lot was about half full, even at 7:45 AM which is why I usually avoid the weekends. Rode Master Link, Quick Link and the fire road to the East Tiger Summit trail entrance (pictured). Evergreen was rebuilding ETS, the large right hand switchback berm is now huge and perfect! We rode down to ET, which unbelievably still isn't on Trailforks, and stopped about halfway at a newly opened single black off ET on the right. Rumor is it's steep tech so we finished ET since I like the flow. NWT bypass is a better way back to the lot than NW Temper Tantrum, though it doesn't avoid the infamous and deadly off camber root drop. EMBA should fill this feature in a bit, it's double black on blue run so out of place. Lot was packed and parking down the road by 10:45.   Total ride was 14 miles with 2700' of climbing.  I'm too old for this sh*t, so am wiped. 

Submitted by Bryan on 06/06/2021