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Flowtron +

28 | Apr | '21

So the Tokul lot was empty at 8:00 AM this morning, guess Wednesday is a popular day for working! Not for me though; I rode Flowtron twice and Two Fernz once, then huffed up to the top of Upper Ivan XC (pic related).  I ripped Upper Ivan XC and Midtown XC, then completely blew through the hard right hand to Midtown Upper and found myself on the newly rebuilt Pinwheel. Evergreen has done their usual outstanding trail work here, with three significant jumps, a steep downhill and an optional gap drop that will for sure make you pay attention. I was all grins by the time I hit SVT again. Also the porta potty at the Tokul lot is not bad, as these things go. Plenty of TP in stock. 

Submitted by Bryan on 04/28/2021