Lower Skyline All Clear but...

Started early this morning at the base of the lower shuttle road to Lower Skyline. The snow started after the first switchback around 2100'. You can pedal for a bit but have to walk it soon after. There is a tree across the road for the big saws and I took care of two others. Upper Skyline has several bigger ones to clear near the bottom and the entry to Lower Skyline must be walked in about 50' to start. After that, have fun! My ride today was broke up into four sessions to clear four separate 6" blow downs. Luckily my folding saw (10" Fiskars, love it) cuts through them well but they were long ones. The fourth one was the doozy and I pulled too hard and pulled/tore my left bicep. The trail is clear for you now but I had to roll the rest of the way back to the car w/o a bicep. Just like Tiger and Rattlesnake, North Mountain Road is weeks away from upper trail enjoyment. It has even more snow due to it being located at the end of the Convergence Zone storms. Alpine Baldy will be my next try when the arm heals. GPS track and pictures here.

For you gravellers, just outside of Index is a nice 12 mile loop you can do climbing to the Heybrook Lookout. I did this ride on April 3rd. It has wonderful views and a max altitude of about 2000'. GPS track and pics are here. Park just past Lewis creek on Index Galena road and ride the loop clockwise.

Submitted by tomvale on 03/27/2021