Welcome through my door

08 | Aug | '20

Left the trailhead at 7am in a misty rain and 1/4 mile visibility. There wasn't going to be any awesome views today, just a wet ride. The dirt was well drained. The last report said the avalanche debris field was ridable but there must have been another tree fall there because the trail was blocked. After getting up to the meadow and thicker fog, I stopped at the debris on the way back  and cut a door through the tree for you so the only thing left for the big saws is the other tree over the trail pictured in my GPS Track and pictures here. It was tough staying motivated during the climb knowing there were no views to be had but that downhill, from the meadow, back to the converted doubletrack is exciting. The heavy fog made every stump or protruding log look like a bear or buck!     'psych'  ;-)

Submitted by tomvale on 08/08/2020