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Fun but needs some work

26 | Jun | '20

I attempted to do the lollipop route but was turned back by a big sign after about 2 miles that said "Watershed Boundary - No trespassing" after starting clockwise along the road.    I backtracked and did the singletrack section (counter clockwise).  First part was fine until the junction with the loop route and from there is got a bit bouldery and loose. Made it to the crest of the hill and started the downhill section through the Carter creek drainage.  The trail is very overgrown here with alders but managed to ride without having to dismount.   The banked turns going down were fun and finally came out on the road section.   It was overgrown on the road as well but mostly manageable.  Lots of up and down until hitting the junction with the old Alice Creek Road.   The Hansent creek drainage was very overgrown and muddy.  Some sections have been lightly cleared but much of it is very difficult to ride due to the brush.   I parked the bike at Hansen Creek and walked the last mile to Harris Lake.   The last section to the lake would have been nearly impossible to ride as it was very loose and rough.

This trail is really fun but needs some attention (maintenance) to get it back to where it was a few years ago.   Right now it's a diamond in the rough.


Submitted by slimjones on 07/04/2020