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Maybe one more week left?

01 | Nov | '19

Started before sunrise on the road along the lake and then began the climb to the Ridge. Saw 3 deer at the uphill junction and then started seeing the morning views. No snow until around 4500' due to the dry week and sun. The snow was just in the shaded areas. At the top, the descent to the base of the hike-A-bike was rocky and managable. Then the hike a bike, which is shaded by the Kachess peak out cropping, had about 6-8 inches of crusty snow. Also one snow slide from a lower rock was the only real challenge to the normal hike section. After the hike, there are snowy sections and dirt sections and some wet or frozen meadow sections. Several creek crossings are managed by riding through and 2-3 others, by balancing on the log crossings. The ride was a little slower for safety but it was a beautiful ride. Temperature was 27F at the start and the sun helped at the end. Track and pics here. No longer a good place for fair weather/condition riders now unless you do an out and back from the trailhead parking lot.

Submitted by tomvale on 11/01/2019