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Could be fun again

22 | Sep | '19

As others have mentioned, extensively logged. There are a bunch of logs on Its A Bitch that you have to basically crawl under. They are high enough so you can slide your bike through, but not so you can walk, and the ground is covered with branches so no chance of riding over them.

Once you get up to the top it is devastation. Many of the trails are just gone. There is no evidence at all of the trails northwest of the intersection of South and West roads. Hacked Through seems gone. I couldn’t see a single trail in the area south of South Road. However, the unknown trail across from The Spine south of the North road is still there and rideable. Most of The Trail Formerly Known as Bypass is also rideable, but it is very tight. Most of the trail is only as wide as your pedals, and the brush covers even much of that. You will get vegetation stuck in your gears, but with some clearing, it could be really fun again. Phoenix and Left Wing are also rideable, and very similar. I then rode Feathered Friends to Pearl to Babe’s Marine, to Marine’s Cheater, and then back out to north road. The entire big clearing is a few years from logging. A good work party would fix it and make it fun again. 

Submitted by Jesperj on 09/22/2019