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So much rocky fun!

17 | Aug | '19

This is one of my favorite backcountry rides; I love rocky rides. It was cooler on this day than other times I rode it, and that helps a lot in this part of WA. The initial rocky grunt gets done fast (watch for hikers) then it's much easier. Creeks nice and cool, and were running aplenty. The saddle is stunning and usually very windy (have a jacket!). The drop-off is a trip and more rideable than it might seem to be at first. Be careful when you finish and drop into the Jeep road; they are often coming through (slowly) in a lineup and it can be tricky to pull over on the super hard climb where the road is somewhat narrow. Humbling hike a bike for sure on this ride. The lake is cool and lovely for a bare-feet break. I LOVE the De Roux descent, and we were coming not only back to our car at the horse camp but our tents we'd set up in the morning and yay, no neighbors. We encountered no horses and I think De Roux is not "damaged" from them. It's a dusty rocky mess with bits you will be thrilled you cleaned, with some exposure. Dust wasn't too bad as far as stringing yourselves out. Do not skimp on food and water! It's a tough 12-miler for sure.

Submitted by dirtluv on 08/18/2019