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Weekend at Freundie's

13 | Jul | '19

I spent Saturday and Sunday in Leavenworth to do this ridge and trail system for the first time. On Day 1, I rode the Ranger Road up and continued up further to the Punk Rock Lookout site for the views. I'd love to launch from up there! After my scramble up there, I came back down and headed north to Upper Ribbed which was quite the challenge in that dry, steep section. Then came down the downhill and then back up for the Boa. They are great trails! Plenty of challenge when dry like now. Day 1 GPS track and pics here. Day 2 began with Ranger again and then over on the connector to do the Downhill and 4 the Boyz. I then went up the Ski Hill Climbing Trail and then down the Boa. All were great fun, but i'll have to time it next time, when the snow has just melted and gone, leaving better dirt. Day 2 GPS track and pics here. Thanks CW Chapter!

Submitted by tomvale on 07/15/2019