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Fishhook Flats

Fishhook Flats Trail

Key Info

2 of 5 (technical difficulty)
3 of 5 (physical difficulty)
Central Washington


16 miles total
1500' elevation gain
80% single track
15% fire road
5% paved
47.1119332 lat.
-120.9337878 long.


Meander along a river bottom, climb Taneum ridge, then drop down into Fishhook flats on delicious singletrack. From there you can opt to either cross the river and hook into the North Fork Taneum trail, or scoot back out to the road and up the drainage to gain another 4 miles or so of smooth buttah North Fork moto singletrack on the return. Either way, be prepared to wade across the creek multiple times.

No epic views from this route, but the forest and creek are beautiful in their own right. Wildlife sightings of grouse, deer, and elk aren't uncommon and there's always the possibility of spotting the more elusive black bear or cougar.

This ride isn't particularly technical and most of the elevation gain is on fire road.

Eastern Washington standard. No go in winter. You need to find out when it has melted. Good in early summer and early fall. Can get dusty in mid-summer. Is frequented by moto crowds but very few hikers & horses.