Saint Edward State Park - Trail Brushing Work Party

05/05/2019, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Work Parties


Saint Edward State Park/Big Finn Hill park - Trail Brushing Work Party



Join us to do some routine maintenance and other work required to get the trails in good shape for the winter rainy season.


We'll tackle some trail brushing work needed on a couple overgrown trails in St Edwards State Park--esp the Perimeter Trail near the great lawn area. There are some particularly tough areas that haven't been touched in three years or more.


Some background info:


Big Finn Hill Park + St Edward State Park have a great, connected trail ecosystem that is some of the closest riding to the Seattle metro/East-side. If you haven't been here, come check in out...and if you live nearby, come lend a hand to make a great trail riding (and walking/hiking) experience for everyone.


We'll have tools needed for cutting brush on the trails-- if you have a favorite pair of loppers, small saw, etc. please bring it.




What you should bring: Gloves and eye protection (loppers, small saw, etc.).


Where to meet: Park North of the Seminary in the State Park--(enter the park and keep right)--Note you do need a Discover Pass to park in the State Park


When: 10AM - Noonish--join in for a few minutes or a couple hours

Location Saint Edwards State Park
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