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Adult Co-Ed Classes

We offer a full range of co-ed Adult classes for beginner to advanced mountain bikers. Unless otherwise noted, the minimum age for adult classes is 18 years old. You can also check out our 1-day Downhill Clinic at Stevens Pass Bike Park on our Clinics page.

Adult Advanced MTB Clinic - Central WA

Adult Co-Ed
2-part series
$120 (members)
$155 (non-members)


New this year!  Evergreen will be partnering with March Northwest from Bellingham, WA to bring you this 2-day, 3 hours per day advanced riding class. The class will be geared toward the intermediate/advanced rider to help them take their riding to the next level.  This class will take place from 9am-noon each day at Squilchuck State Park.

This class is a 2-part series.

Minimum Age: 16

Class Focus:

  • Basic wheel lift including skills to go up and over a feature into a basic roll down 
  • Cornering and techniques to maintain balance during cornering
  • Advanced climbing including standing, crouch and seated and uphill lunge techniques including ¼ punch
  • Advanced wheel lifts, nose wheel turn and manuals
  • Roll downs, lunge and the 2 major techniques for mastering Drops from varying speeds
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