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Osborne Mtn Back Country Ride

06/29/2019,  9:30 am
Come join Evergreen as we start up the back country riding with a classic cascade ride south of Mt Rainier. The Osborne Mtn ride includes some climbing, 3 lakes, killer views, old growth trees and ends with a kick ass 4 descent. It is a point to point shuttle that knocks off some forest road climbing but still includes some punchy climbing, including one short mandatory hike a bike. Technical ability is not really required but we are riding hiking trails (don’t expect many or any hikers). Bring some food, water and your usual mtb supplies. We’ll stop for food afterwards. Send me an email if you have any questions. ().
Saturday, June 29. 8:00 Eastgate Bellevue P & R (west side of lot) to carpool from the Seattle/Bellevue area or 9:30 Ashford (Whitaker’s Motel Parking lot).



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