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Big Finn Hill - Trail Brushing Work Party

06/12/2019,  6:30 pm
Work Parties
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Big Finn Hill Park - Trail Brushing Work Party


Join us after work to help cut back nettles, salmonberry, blackberry and other fast-growing vegetation that inevitably needs to be trimmed back from the trails this time of year. 


Big Finn Hill Park + St Edward State Park have a great, connected trail ecosystem that is some of the closest riding to the Seattle metro/East-side. If you haven't been here, come check in out...and if you live nearby, come lend a hand to make a great trail riding experience for everyone.


We'll focus on the trails in the Southwest corner of Big Finn Hill Park (West of Juanita Dr. and North of NE 132nd St) for this work-party.


We'll have tools needed for trimming the trails, but if you have a favorite weed cutter or light saw (or machete, ninja sword, etc.), feel free to bring it.




What you should bring: Gloves and eye protection.


Where to meet: NE 133rd St and 72nd Ave NE


When: 6:30 - until we're tired (8ish or so) Wednesday, June 12th

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