Mt. Spokane

Location: Mead, Wa
Chapter: East
New Mileage: 3 miles
Status: Complete
Completion Date: 04/01/2017

With Spokane-area mountain biking increasing in popularity, Evergreen East and Washington State Parks partnered on Mt. Spokane to build trail (dubbed “Trail 290”) maximizing user experience while minimizing the potential for user conflict. 

Given the increased recreation on this multi-use trail system, part of Evergreen East’s approach aimed to spread mountain bikers to the outer boundaries of the park, offering more secluded trail with increased sight lines. This design doesn’t just create additional mileage and preserve the natural feel; it also allows users to explore an entirely new aspect of Mt. Spokane.

Evergreen East crews wrapped up the lower portion of 290 (Phase I) in early spring 2017.



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