BDOS (Black Diamond Open Space)

Location: Maple Valley, WA
Chapter: Statewide
New Mileage: 7 miles
Status: Complete
Completion Date: 01/01/2019

Black Diamond Open Space (BDOS), a partnership between Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and King County Parks, is a centrally-located area consisting of a stacked loop network of new and existing trails connecting several popular mt biking trail systems together: Henry’s Ridge to the north, Summit Ridge (and Real Live Church) to the south and Lake Sawyer to the west.  

Differing from the techy and twisty trails of Henry, Sawyer, and Summit Ridge, the new trails at BDOS offer riders fun, flowy, and family-friendly rides on which to learn and progress. These trails were constructed with funding from a King County Community Partnership Grant, King County Youth Sports Facility Grant and a grant from REI.

Phase 2 was completed as of September 2016 with a grand opening. In Fall 2018, King County and Evergreen will begin new trail construction set for completion in 2019.

Through its partnership with King County Parks, Evergreen is currently maintaining the BDOS trails and working on a high level conceptual plan for future new trails in the BDOS area.



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