Evergreen's Essential Trails Story Series

31 | Dec | '20
Ian Terry


Essential Trails Series

The following riders harnessed the power of mountain biking to cope with a difficult year. Here are their stories:




Davey Simon

Commercial Pilot

Read Davey's story.

 daveysimon final

 Photos by Ian Terry


Niqi Galasso


Read Niqi's story.

 niqigalasso final

 Photos courtesy of Niqi Galasso


Xuân Mai Võ


Read Xuân Mai's story.

 xuanmai final

 Photos courtesy of Xuân Mai Võ


Ed Rickert


Read Ed's story.

 edrickert final

 Photos by Ian Terry


Dr. Sidney Hoskins

Resident Physician

Read Sidney's story.

 sidneyhoskins final

Photos by Ian Terry and courtesy of Sidney Hoskins 


Daton Nestlebush

Bike Mechanic

Read Daton's story.

 datonnestlebush final

Photos by Ian Terry 


Elaine Irons

Medical Laboratory Scientist

Read Elaine's story.

 elaineirons final

 Photos courtesy of Elaine Irons


Dr. Patrick Willauer

General Surgeon

Read Patrick's story.

 patrickwillauer final

Photos by Ian Terry 


Mike Cheney

Chief Engineer

Read Mike's story.

 mikecheney final

Photos by Ian Terry 


Noelle Rivas


Read Noelle's story.

 noellerivas final

Photos courtesy of Noelle Rivas 



Thank you to all who reached out to share personal stories of how trails have helped you through 2020. Your stories stand as an important reminder of the mental and physical benefits that come from spending time outdoors and on the trail.