Spring Class Registration Opens February 1st!

Spring Class Registration Opens February 1st!

31 | Jan | '20
Ian Terry


Up Your Game

Build confidence. Refine skills. Increase strength.


Evergreen mountain bike classes are a perfect way to take your riding to the next level and registration opens on Saturday, Feb. 1!

Sessions range from Foundations Level 1, designed to teach brand new riders the basics, to special clinics focused on skills like Advanced Cornering and Technical Descending for more experienced mountain bikers.

Also back this year are our ever-popular Dirt Camps for youth age groups. This multi day program teaches kids everything from basic riding skills, simple bike maintenance and even the fundamentals of trailwork. In addition to Dirt Camps, some single day clinics are also available for young rippers.

All Evergreen classes are taught by instructors and coaches who have received their Evergreen Instructor Certification. We’re pros at creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere that facilitates personal skillbuilding and growth.

Classes fill up fast– so be sure to register right away starting February 1st! And, as always, Evergreen members receive a special discount on all Evergreen classes.


Class Breakdown

So, you’ve perused the Evergreen Education Page but still can’t decide which class to take? No worries! Evergreen’s Education Manager, Kristen McCune, is here to help. Check out Kristen’s class breakdown:


“This is the class to take if you’re either new to the sport or just need a solid refresher. Foundations Level 1 will build your foundational skills and improve your riding.”



“Foundations Level 2 is the next progression level from the Level 1 class. In Level 2 you’ll take the basics and build on them to learn more specific skills and techniques. It’s recommended that you take Level 1 first, but it’s not required. Advanced beginner and intermediate riders are welcome to jump straight into Level 2.”



“This is a 4 week series where you’ll get to apply your skills on the trail. You’ll spend a lot of time riding and working with your instructor to session different sections to work on specific skills.” 



“Our Foundations in the Air class teaches the fundamentals of jumping on a mountain bike. There will be a lot of focus on proper body position and balance to help you become a more confident jumper.”



“Intro to Freeride is the class that puts all the more advanced skills together. We’ll work with you on more advanced skills like cornering, jumps, drops, and steeper technical terrain.”



“In this class you’ll learn how to face steep and technical terrain. Skills like how to pick a proper line, maneuvering over rocks and roots, body positioning and distributing your weight for tricky terrain. This is an awesome class for those wanting to make the leap from intermediate trails to the more advanced black diamond level.”



“Everyone can benefit from a class that addresses proper cornering technique. You’ll finish this class with a better understanding of how to maintain speed and feel more comfortable in corners.”


Questions? Please email Evergreen Education Manager, Kristen McCune, at kristenmccune@evergreenmtb.org.

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