GiveBig Trail Target #3: No. 2 Canyon

01 | May | '18
Ian Terry


Trail: No. 2 Canyon - Wenatchee, Washington (Central Chapter)

Project Goal: 8 new trail miles at No. 2 Canyon near Wenatchee, connecting the town to Mission Ridge.

Funds needed: $5,000



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GiveBig ProjectMap2Canyon

Evergreen perspective:

"No. 2 Canyon is Wenatchee’s 30 mile trail system. It's a critical piece of the puzzle connecting trail systems together. Riding from town to No. 2 Canyon and connecting the Horse Lake trails would make for 50 miles of uninterrupted singletrack. It’s going to have something for the entire family. We’ll have a gazebo and a skills park with everything from beginner trails to advanced black diamond directional trails. It’s truly a comprehensive trail plan." – Travis Hornby, Evergreen Central Chapter President


Local rider perspective:

"No. 2 Canyon is a unique place for us in the valley. The terrain there is a bit higher up and enters into a whole new type of topography. It brings you up out of the desert and into land with more dispersed trees. When you go up there, you see these amazing rock lines that are just begging for trails to connect them. There are all kinds of lines you want to ride, but there isn’t much flow the way it is now. This new project would connect everything and make for an incredible riding experience." – Craig Vander Hart, local rider and philosophy professor at Wenatchee Valley College


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