Building partnerships, building trail: Your support at work

Building partnerships, building trail: Your support at work

08 | Dec | '17
Bryan Rivard

Great partnerships make great trail.

The future is bright.  From gutted trails, mountain bike bans, and communication breakdowns in the 1980s and 90’s, Evergreen now helps drive recreation planning across the state. 

That’s because you’re the power behind land manager relationships. 

With your financial support, ongoing advocacy, and enthusiastic outreach for future trail projects—land managers now approach us to plan new mountain bike trails.

You can continue this momentum: donate today to support the continued journey from trail closures to trail innovation! 

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“Evergreen and DNR have an effective public-private partnership,” says Sam Jarrett, with DNR's recreation program.  “We’re able to collaborate on sustainable trail design for our region’s growing needs,  maximize efficiency, and work closely with the community to create the best recreation experience possible.” 

Your advocacy and land manager outreach accomplishes so much—but this isn’t the time to stop.  We need your help now to continue our legacy of rider-maintained trails, expand outdoor recreation possibilities, and protect our statewide public land access. 

Planning and designing new projects takes resources, time and collaboration--and patience! It's my favorite part of the job because that process turns into new projects--but it doesn't get funded in any other way except through your donations.

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We’re just $70,126 away from our annual goal of $429,051—with your help we can continue to grow public and private agency partnerships, and protect the progress you’ve made a reality.

Across the country mountain bike organizations are modeling Evergreen's partnership approach—donate now to keep the momentum going!

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Evergreen has just $70k more to raise by the end of 2017!