To the Left, To the Left....

29 | Nov | '21

Caught the break in the rains and went to another of the 'best draining' trail systems in Puget Sound, Cherry Valley. The access road is wet but the trails are good. I had to go around an early morning accident on Cherry Valley Road by going east on Big Rock Road and then North on Kelly Road to the trailhead but I finally got there. I began the climb up the road and chose to go do YGD first by climbing the Dense Trail and Waterbars Up. YGD was great and then I went down Bobcat Alley to climb Rocky Road to do Cyclops. After Cyclops, I climbed back up Rocky Road and came down Funner. I think YGD and Funner are the two best trails to get the Cherry Valley experience for the rider who has never been here. After Funner, I went up the Escorlator Road climb to come down Barracuda. The report title has to do with the Barracuda trail feature in the report image. You need to aproach from the left to be fairly square to the slippery wood, and once up, go to the left again to exit and continue on successfully. If you like Funner and YGD, you will also like Barracuda. I then went back up and went over to Outer Limits to see if any additional trail improvements were made since my last visit back in May. There were a ton of leaves and a ton of 1"-3" wind damage limbs over the trail causing too many steering and braking challenges. So I just walked the upper half clearing all the branches and sawed a tree crossing the trail. There is one 10" tree trunk fractured about 5' off the ground and precariously leaning over the trail but held up by the stump and canopy still. I should have taken that picture! Anyway, I rode the rest of the way down to the Falls trail and returned to the car via Black Label. It was a great morning except for that car accident blocking the road (he went off the road, back on and spun out about a mile east of the school. Today's GPS track and pictures are here.


Submitted by tomvale on 11/29/2021

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