Water is still flowing at the top

22 | Aug | '20

One of my favorite rides in the area. The climb is manageable, downhill is flowy.

I bring a small water bottle and refill at the top using my water filter. The water tastes great and is nice and cool after a long climb.

The folks in the area are confused as to the ownership of the road that leads to parking lot. They think its part of their domain even though it's a county road. They lay logs in the road and hay bales. When I was there last there were emergency vehicles in the parking lot getting an injured rider out. I went ahead and moved the logs out of the road to allow the emergency vehicles to pass more easily. A woman came out to put the logs back into the road. I told her she was impeding the movement of emergency vehicles. She didn't care. Good grief.

Submitted by jamesc1 on 08/28/2020