Tokul East is Tough!

19 | Jun | '20

Left from 356th and SVT lot about 8:00 AM, did Tokul East climb to top of Flowtron. Flowtron is pretty over grown and eroding due to recent rains, some switchbacks are heavily rutted. I crashed once pretty significantly, those blind switchbacks with small root drops in the descent are tricky! From SVT then rode Uptown Funk and Lake Marie Road to Ivan Connector, which is essentially a rock pile. Upper Crazy Ivan is crazy overgrown, then turns into vertical brown powder which is almost impossible to ride. I wouldn't recommend it. Lower Crazy Ivan is solid, a techy steep descent up top and fast flows turns, with optional jumps. I lapped it a few times. Overall great, but often overgrown. My sense is these runs don't see much traffic. 

Submitted by Bryan on 06/19/2020