Snowline at 3800' except for the Avalanche and Debris

14 | Jun | '20

Started at the trailhead just around 5:30am and in a light rain and in my O2 Rainwear. There are two big trees for the chainsaws at 3100' and 3700'. There was also an avalanche debri pile over one of the drainages that you will need to be careful crossing. The creek and rain has created an ice 'cave' that you could fall through unexpectedly while crossing if not careful. The snow pack higher up stopped me at 3800' (just before the base camp and climbing trail). The 6066 road has a culvert and erosion issue near mile 6 or a mile or so from the trailhead. Stay on the uphill side when you cross that spot due to the sinkhole forming. Roof racks will be very stressed from bike swing on this 6 miles of road, be careful. GPS track and pictures are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 06/14/2020