Still thawing, cleared a few more...

14 | May | '20

Started early this morning from exit 38 in a light rain hoping for the mid-morning break when I got to the viewpoints. It didn't clear up too much at all so without the views to enjoy, I started cutting more trees out of the way. There are a few puddles from pine needle dams at the trail's low spots. Do your part and drag your tire or a good stick across the needle dam to break it up and drain the trail puddles for your descent down. If we all do 3-5 of those each climb, we'll be done in no time. The big saws are still needed as before and the snow is a little more melted but still keeping us from a clear trail to the Mt Washington trail junction. I turned around at 3400'. Boetzke Creek Falls on the Iron Horse was pretty. GPS Track and misty fog photos here.

Submitted by tomvale on 05/14/2020