I parked at the Kelly Road & Pipeline Junction and went clockwise.

Long Gravel Loop for Puget Sound

20 | Mar | '20
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For you Puget Sound gravellers, here is a longer excursion you can do when you need to add "Social Distance", or you  "Wanna Get Away". I started early at the Kelly Road Junction with the Tolt Pipeline and headed East on the Pipeline Road. After saying hello to a family of Bambi's, and progressing down the road, I took the Cambell Global bypass around the restricted Tolt Watershed's Regulating Basin and then up to the Tolt Resivoir's restricted gates. Then headed South down to the North Fork Road in North Bend and began the return on SR202 and 203 by Snoqualmie Falls. I did the ride on Cyclocross 32C tires since I haven't bought a bigger set for the new bike. It was a little rough but 40C tires will be better in spots and more comfortable on this ride. It was a long ride so make sure you're ready for it. If I did this again, I'd probably park along the highways someplace since I hated the Stillwater Hill Road climb after riding for 50 miles to get back to the car. You can use some of the Snoqualmie Valley Trail also after you leave North Fork Road and get near the highways. GPS track and the pictures are here. You can get a CG permit for using their roads here. The lower Snoqualmie Falls viewpoint was closed maybe due to the recent floods we had.

Submitted by tomvale on 03/21/2020

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