All good except Poopy D

22 | Aug | '19

Rode it the day after a good rain as a stubborn mist tapered off: Ascended Bobsled which is in great shape (love that trail except for the bottom section, which begs to be rerouted so that it carries the rhythm and flow of the upper section). Then to Poopy D which is suffering from its annual overgrowth of tall weeds. Trail is really tight and we would have taken the logging road around had I known how bad it would be. Then up Outback which was in good shape with fewer brambles on the lower section than I expected. From there onto Golden Spike through the recent clear cut. It rides OK for now but next summer will suffer from excessive brush growth like all clearcut trails do. Through the wooded section Golden Spike was in good shape, albeit a little muddy where one would expect it. It's a fun techy ride--conditions were such that roots were slick making for a good reminder of Fall and winter riding. Began our East side descent on Derby, which ran great and is a fun trail. Then to OGDH (for something different than what we normally ride down. It was loose and the steepest steeps are really rutted. Not my cup of tea. Overall a great ride—dirt was great in most areas.

Submitted by Unaccomplished Angler on 08/30/2019