Eagle in a tree near a Bluff viewpoint.

Up n Down n Up n Down and Up....

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Wonderful XC trail system. I did 15 miles of rooty and twisty stuff and probably could have planned routes a little better to reduce my climbing but every trail seemed to have its ups and downs. The weather was comfortable and just a little haze over the Sound. I started at the North Kettles trailhead around 6am and then went clockwise circumnavigating the Kettles and State Park. Spider webs were across the trails everywhere. I stopped counting how many hit my face and arms when I got to infinity. The trails are clean except for some trees that are pictured below in my link. One on the eastern end of Roundabout, one on Sheperds Crook, and one across Limbo. GPS track and pictures are located here.

Submitted by tomvale on 06/29/2019