View from the old lookout site.

Finally Got The Views

15 | Jun | '19
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After my last two rides here in the clouds and showers, today's ride was totally different. I parked again at the base of 7125 so the car waits at the lowest point of today's loop. I took off south on hwy 410 to FS road 70, then 7010 all the way up to the Divide Trail, and then traversed to Christoff Peak on the Divide after two foot scrambles up to the Huckleberry Mtn summit and the summit to its SE. Wonderous views were everywhere. The Divide trail is a mix of double and single track with some moto damage and looseness to deal with. There were a couple hike a bikes but they were very short. The Christoff downhill was dry and crumbly so some of the steeper sections were tough to control speed on since the front tire was just braking on loose gravel in spots. The scenery was gorgeous and the GPS track and pictures are here. The picture of my gloves and flowers is after I went through hundreds of those blooms and was fully dusted by their pollen. Alergic folks to those plants would have quite the issue today. Only saw a Coyote about 150' ahead of me on the Divide. It was a wonderful preFather's day.

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