Options to the top from the South side

Tried to get to it from the South

26 | May | '19
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Wanted to get to the top of the Christoff Trail from the Divide Trail South of Christoff Peak. I parked at the bottom of FS7125 and took SR410 to the FS70  junction. Once through that gate, I proceeded up FS7012 to get to the Divide trail. When I got there, there was too much snow since that part of the Divide is pretty shaded. I went back down FS7012 after some exploring and attempted to climb FS7010 to the Divide. It had much less snow but I ran out of time to attempt the traverse to Christoff. I'll be back since I still didn't get a view of Rainier again thanks to the light rain during most of today's ride (which is colored red in the image).  Both 7010 and 7012 are ungated so shuttling to the Divide trail is an option if 70's gate is open. Track and pics here.

Submitted by tomvale on 05/26/2019