Only a little snow left in spots

19 | May | '19

Rode this trail this morning. I parked off of SR-410 and climbed (snow free) to the intesection of the Divide Trail and FS road 7125. Moto's have chewed the Divide Trail up a bit and snow is still over 40% of the trail on your way to the peak. The Christoff trail down is clear of snow except for a couple spots right at the top. The soil is a little loose but trackable. Make sure you got good brakes and favor the front! Avoid tail draggin'! The trail has endured a lot of it. There is limited visibility and slowing down is a must to be safe. The cloud ceiling was 5000' so I missed all the gorgeous views of the peaks so I'll be coming back again some sunny day. Track and pics here. It is not for the inexperienced!

Submitted by tomvale on 05/19/2019