Culmback Dam as seen from the North rec site.

Weekend to both Dams

05 | May | '19
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Spent Saturday morning riding out to the Diversion Dam location on the Sultan River and enjoyed the river while relaxing in the peace and quiet of the canyon. The Diversion Dam Road is a 6 mile RT out and back to the place on the river where Snohomish County secures its drinking water. On Sunday, I took the bike to Spada Lake's Culmback Dam and explored the North side of the lake. All logging roads have been decommissioned on that side but there are a couple neat places to view the lake from and an old camp. I then went on FS road 6122 to the River Canyon trailhead and then back to the car. No single track for you but beautiful places to take a group touring on double track.

Submitted by tomvale on 05/06/2019

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